Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the uses of the APC?

For Athletics and Physical Education, we expect to have room and equipment for basketball (high school size, can also be two elementary or junior high courts), Volleyball, Futsal, Indoor Lacrosse and any other creative use our faculty and community come up with.  For performances, the stage, audio, visual and lighting systems should accommodate everything from Wednesday Townhall meetings to small concerts to musicals and plays.

What is the anticipated timeline?

We expect the new APC to be completed in 2020. If we all move quickly and charitably, there is a reasonable chance we can have the new Center available to our children after Winter Break in January 2020, but it is heavily dependent on raising another $250K at a minimum.

How much money has been raised so far?

Megan and Kerry Hicks have stepped forward with a commitment of $1 million to match funds raised by our community. Their $1 million gift matches every dollar (up to a $1 million) and is a huge step toward our goal. Thank you to the Hicks family! Because of the generosity of another 7 families, we have already raised $500K of matching funding meaning we have raised a total of $1 million so far.

Will tuition increase to cover the cost of this project?

No, the new campus building will be paid for with private donations raised during the Capital Campaign, not by increases in school tuition or fees. By also retiring debt as part of this campaign, the school will actually be improving its financial situation, freeing up operating dollars to reinvest in faculty and programming. 

Does the Colorado Childcare Tax Credit Apply to Capital Campaign funds?

Yes. Similar to Gift to Give and WISH, any gift over $1,000 is eligible for the Tax Credit. Please contact Director of Advancement Sam Boggs with any questions.  

What happens if we don’t raise the full $2 million?

We have enough committed now to fund the construction of the APC and the board has authorized construction to begin at $1.5 million raised. All excess funds raised will go towards paying down school debt. 

What is the total cost to build the Athletic and Performance Center (APC)?

The projected cost of the Athletic and Performance Center is $1 million but we are still early in the design and cost estimating process.  

How will this campaign affect future fundraising (G2G, WISH, etc.) goals and needs?

Annual Giving and WISH will still play an important role in both covering the gap between annual operating expenses and tuition revenue as well as smaller capital improvements.  We have asked each of the families who have already committed to Capital Campaign to maintain recent giving to both G2G and WISH, trying to minimize any impact on future fundraising which will still be important to the school.  

What is the difference between the Capital Campaign and the Annual Fund, and will I be asked to support both causes?

The Capital Campaign raises funds for this large campus project and is conducted only until these specific monetary goals are achieved. The Annual Fund supports the annual operating budget and requires new funding every year, even during times when the school is in a capital campaign. Yes, we will be seeking everyone’s support for both efforts.


What is the process of planning/designing the gym, to ensure it serves the needs of all students and the community?

The Capital Campaign committee of the Board of Trustees is also responsible for the design and construction of the APC, working closely with the school faculty and staff. We certainly welcome any interested parents with ideas to please reach out to Kevin Neher or Seth Gallaher (contact info below) to share what you are thinking.

To whom may we address additional questions?

Please feel free to email the Director of Advancement Sarah Nagel at [email protected] or call her at 303-674-3400 ext 105.You can also contact Board Members and Campaign Co-Chairs Seth Gallaher at [email protected] or Kevin Neher at [email protected].