Frequently Asked Questions

What does a search consultant do?

Our search consultant will provide “advised search” consulting services. The model relies on search committee members and the school community who know the school best to guide the search with the help and advice of the consultant. The main responsibilities include:

  • Review opportunity statement
  • Post opportunity statement
  • Gather candidates; sort candidates
  • Provide advice along the way

We are currently evaluating three different consultants who have all come recommended by Lee Quinby, Executive Director of ACIS.

What is the cost of the HOS search process?

It’s difficult at this point to estimate the total cost of the HOS search process. The majority of our costs will be related to travel and expenses for the finalists’ visits to Evergreen Country Day. We will have a better understanding of those costs once we know where our finalists will be coming from. The biggest cost is the time that our Search Committee and our community members are investing in the process.

Will internal candidates be considered?

Yes, both internal and external candidates will be considered.

What is the timeline for a new Head to start?

We hope to have the finalists by the end of the 2019 calendar year, and announce final selection by February 2020.

Who will be considered to participate on the hiring committee?

The search committee will be comprised of Board Members, parents, faculty and staff. Anyone interested in serving on the search committee should send a brief statement of application via email to  [email protected]. Please title the email “Application Statement Search Committee” and explain why you are interested in serving on the committee and what makes you a strong candidate. Please email your application by Monday, April 15, 2019. The Board of Trustees will select and announce the committee by April 30, 2019.