Designed to deliver acceleration, challenge, and enrichment to our strongest students, Evergreen Country Day’s enrichment philosophy provides gifted and talented students in-class differentiated instruction, small group learning, and one-on-one mentoring by learning support specialists trained in gifted and talented education to ensure each student thrives in an individualized learning environment tailored to their unique gifts.


Enrichment Tier 1Enrichment Tier 2Enrichment Tier 3
Tier one is available to all students in their regular content classroom via classroom teacher differentiation, including in-class extension folders and differentiated assignments.  Beyond the classroom, extension opportunities are also available for all students in the form of lunch clubs, including Girls Who Code, Math Counts and Writing Club. Additionally, all students participate in Specials and Elective classes where they can explore and extend artistic, creative, athletic, entrepreneurial, and analytical strengths.
Tier two support will be offered via pull-out or push-in model with an additional teacher for those students who have demonstrated skills beyond their grade level on MAP testing or other classroom assessments, have been recommended by their teacher, and have completed a successful interview with the head of enrichment in their division. 
Tier three enrichment will be considered if students have outside cognitive testing that demonstrates learning well beyond their grade level and have met the tier two prerequisites and have the executive functioning skills to manage an altered program. This could be pull-out lessons, independent study, or acceleration in grade-level or content-area, and placement will be based on enrichment team recommendations.