Cultivated Community

We believe that culture is the secret sauce of educational excellence. All schools should boast a compelling curriculum and dynamic teaching and learning. Culture is more nuanced in its cultivation and requires moment-to-moment attention to maintain and move forward. It is fragile, and a force. Get the culture right, and wow. Is it cool to be curious? Is it cool to be kind? Is it okay to be a little different? A lot different? Is it safe to show your feelings? Is it safe to make mistakes? As a community–faculty, staff, students, and families–we seek a yes to all of these questions every moment of every day.

Culture is created by community. Therefore, we are committed to cultivating a community that in turn positively shapes the culture of our school. From gathering each week at Town Meeting to fun community building activities like our back-to-school bbq, holiday fest, WISH, and our talent show to homeroom circles where students learn to share their own and empathize with other’s feelings to a safe-by-design campus where we seek to know each other’s names and where carpool is more joyful fun than traffic jam frustration, our aspiration is that all feel welcome and celebrated as treasured members of our Evergreen Country Day community.