Vertical Friendships

Vertical friendships refer to our intentional cultivation of friendships and older-student mentorships across all grade levels. At Evergreen Country Day, we believe that vertical friendships enhance the social and academic experience for all students and enrich the sense of community in our school.

Students, toddler through grade 8, collaborate with both younger and older students in order to practice teamwork, mentorship, and leadership. Older students model responsibility and deepen their learning by teaching younger students. Younger students reap the benefits of experiencing higher-level learning tasks and following in the footsteps of positive peer role models.

Nest students listen as their big campus buddies read to them, work together to solve math problems, and celebrate learning by participating in exciting, hands-on projects with their older friends. Elementary students have the advantage of partnering with both Nest and middle school students. A kindergartener can step up to demonstrate reading or character skills to a pre-k student. A fourth grader begins to prepare for increased independence in middle school after working with an older student. The powerful results of students of different ages working together is also evident at recess when children of all ages play together and care for each other with genuine support and affection.

From students of different grade levels kindly greeting each other in the hallways with a high five to singing “Happy Birthday” to each other at Town Meeting to older friends helping younger buddies with playground boo-boos, Evergreen Country Day students are authentically invested in helping each other learn and grow together.