Extended Day and After-School Programs

Extended Day Program

Evergreen Country Day School offers a variety of extended day (morning and afternoon care) and after-school programs (enrichment classes) for our families. We aim to offer a balance of structured and independent activities and pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students, toddler through 8th grade. Extended day services start as early as 7:30 AM and operate as late as 5:30 PM for $25/day.  Afternoon care includes a school-provided snack.

Pre-registration and payment is required prior to participation, and drop-ins will only be considered on a space-available basis by contacting Carlin Zia (for grades Kindergarten – 8) at [email protected] or Sarah Mahoney (Toddler – Pre-Kindergarten) at [email protected] before 12 noon MST on the day you would like to add care for $30/day.  Registration is offered for the entirety of the school year at a 5% discount, or per quarter on the schedule below.  If you chose to register for extended-day for the full year, and then choose to add clubs in later quarters, club prices will be prorated to account for your extended-day prepurchase.


 After-School Clubs

After-school programs are enrichment opportunities for our students to learn new skills and explore their interests.  A slate of programs for students preschool (must be potty-trained) through 8th grade will be offered each quarter.  After-school programs can be used in conjunction with extended-day, or on their own. Pre-registration and payment is required prior to participation each quarter and prices vary depending on the activity and duration.  If you have an idea for a club or activity that you want to see offered, please reach out to Carlin Zia at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can add in subsequent quarters.

Take note, due to Jefferson County Public Health’s order News Flash • Jefferson County, CO • CivicEngage (, Evergreen Country Day School is required to implement a weekly COVID-19 testing policy for all unvaccinated students participating in school-based after-school clubs for the duration of the club.  Extended-day services are excluded from this requirement.  Therefore, all after-school club participants must consent to weekly saliva PCR tests for COVID-19 to be administered by Midwest Coordination Center and supervised by Stephanie Keithline.  If you have specific questions about the COVID-19 testing requirement, prior to registering for a school-based club, please reach out to Stephanie at [email protected].


1st Quarter: August 30- October 15. Registration Deadline: Aug. 24, 2021.

2nd Quarter: October 18 – December 17. Registration Deadline: October 6, 2021.

3rd Quarter: January 4 -March 11. Registration Deadline: December 17, 2021.

4th Quarter: March 14 – May 25. Registration Deadline: March 4, 2022.