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Classroom helper extraordinaire.

Lover of all things pink.

Wants to be a doctor when she grows up.



Alum - Class of 2022

A budding rocker and lead guitarist for the school rock band, The Mistakes.

Taught himself to snowboard and shreds weekly at Echo Mountain with the school’s Ski Club.

Starred as Jay--one of the leads in the school’s spring musical, Descendants.



6th Grade

Future Olympian and X Games athlete as a freestyle skier.

Finished in the top five nationally at the half pipe at the National Championships.

Finds time to hit the gridiron, playing football and even rugby!



Alum - Class of 2022

Travels the country as a middle blocker with her competitive club volleyball team.

Aspires to be an NCAA Champion in volleyball after high school.

A true community leader who is adored and admired by all—from the smallest students to the most experienced teachers.

Won the student-athlete of the year award for the 2021-22 school year.



Preschool (3-4 year olds)

Master conversationalist and expert negotiator.

Wants to be an artist... no, a dinosaur... no, a lawyer when she grows up.




Born leader.

Chapter book enthusiast.

Wants to be a paleontologist when he’s older.



8th Grade

A talented artist that loves all types of expression, predominately focusing on drawing.

An avid skier that can often be found bombing down the steep run with the school’s Ski Club or hitting the East Wall at Arapahoe Basin.

A burgeoning tennis star that recently picked up the sport and is flourishing.



3rd Grade

Makes the kindergarteners at his family-style lunch table laugh out loud.

Designed intricate tissue-paper flowers to decorate for his class’s reading presentation.

Middle brother out of 6 boys, and King of the Gaga pit.

In art class, recently created a “Space Pizza” out of clay with each slice representing a different planet.



4th Grade

Wore a suit and tie for his entire kindergarten year.

Commonly referred to as the school “Mayor” because of his genuine interest in others.

Perfect penmanship. Pokemon master. Competitive skier. Math genius.

Decided to improve his basketball layups. Over three days, 1 in 10 baskets to 72 out of 100.



5th Grade

Takes care of her family’s goats, sheep, and chickens. Wants to be a hippotherapist (equine-assisted therapist) with disadvantaged children.

Takes pride in her previous home-school background and travel experiences.

Loves publishing articles in the school newspaper, writing poetry, and penning songs.

States that she won’t let boundaries stop her from living her most-fulfilling life.



6th Grade

The youngest sibling in a family full of hockey players, including some professionals!

The only girl on a competitive boys’ team that travels the country.

Has grown from a quiet, shy kindergarten student to a confident middle schooler who leads the teacher-appreciation segment of our community meetings.



2nd Grade

Takes hip-hop dance classes, golf lessons, robotics courses, and skateboarding sessions.

When asked to “Write about one of the best days of your life”, wrote about the day that he and his family adopted his brother.

Can be found bombing down black diamonds at Loveland Ski Area.

Has been missing his two front teeth for over two years.



1st Grade

Can name all of the dinosaurs.
The slogan for his design-a-city town is “Welcome to Sillyville.”
Resident tech helper/tech guru of his class.
Math whiz - can do basic multiplication problems in his head.


Ozzy & Ethan

7th Grade




CEO in training.

Has a love for imagination and distant fairylands.

Wants to be the tooth fairy when she's older.


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