Tips from a Black Belt: 9 Simple Things to Help You Live Life Better

November 2, 2017

Guest Contributor: Emerson Neher, Sixth Grade

What most people don’t know is that being in a martial arts program teaches you lessons. I’m writing to help you learn those lessons, and hey, maybe you will end up becoming a Black Belt like me. So follow me on this journey.

White Belt: Attitude

The road to Black Belt begins with your character.

This means before you do anything, look at it positively. Also, you can’t accomplish anything if you say you can’t. You must look on the bright side and not judge people at first glance. To have a good attitude you must be friendly and positive.

Orange Belt: Confidence

You must believe it before you can achieve it.

Always believe you can do something and you will accomplish it. Make sure you let no one bring you down. When they tell you that you can’t be or do something, be or do the opposite of what they tell you.

Yellow Belt: Goals

Picking the destination is not enough.

You must put forth the physical and mental work to achieve it. You have to imagine a destination in your mind, then, put forth your muscles and your mind to achieve it. You can set 2 types of goals – short term and long term. Short term goals seem easier to not commit too, but they are just as important.

Camouflage Belt: Self-Control

With increasing physical skill come greater responsibility.

In order to make friends AND keep friends you must learn to control your actions, keep your hands to yourself, and keep your anger in check. Doing this will help you learn and prosper.

Green Belt: Respect

It’s not just given. It must also be earned.

You must learn be nice to others and to realize that life isn’t about just you. Think about others and their property. Would you want somebody breaking your stuff?

Purple Belt: Self esteem

To achieve your goals you must first have faith in yourself and your abilities.

When you need to get something done, imagine it done in your head. Then, to the best of your abilities, do it as you imagined it. You must know that you CAN overcome an obstacle or obstruction.

Blue Belt: Integrity

When the path becomes steep, look deep inside yourself and do not take the easy route.

Do your best even when nobody is looking. Try your hardest even when nobody knows. Those quotes are the definition of integrity. To have integrity you must do what you’re supposed to do even when nobody is watching. Emerson

Brown Belt: Focus

Your goals are in reach. Don’t lose sight of your destination.

You can do anything if you put all your thought and mind into it. You must not let things get to you or annoy you. All in all you must sacrifice something to achieve something. You sacrifice time and effort but achieve your goal.

Red Belt: Discipline

To achieve your goals your will must lead the way. Follow the rules.

This classic statement defines discipline. You must use willpower to achieve your goals and follow the guidelines.

Red-Black Belt: Perseverance

Each time you fall down you must strive to get back up.

When you fail at something, don’t let it get you down. Get back up. You must overcome obstacles and never give up. And when you do achieve your goal, pat yourself on the back.

Black Belt: Dedication

Your destination has been reached. A new journey lies ahead. Remember all that got you here, for it will be useful in the years to come.

Think, when you graduate from college, it is only the beginning of your life. You will get a job, that’s new, you may have kids, pretty sure that’s new too. The end is just the beginning of a fruitful life waiting to begin. So with these tips you can live life better. Walk with me.

Emerson studied and reflected upon these belt meanings in preparation for his black belt testing last summer. Emerson received his First Degree Black Belt at Envision Martial Arts in Evergreen on June 24, 2017 where he continues his martial arts practice.