Mission & Philosophy

Evergreen Country Day inspires and prepares students to THRIVE and to create a better world.

Experiential Learning. Expeditionary Learning. Hands-On Learning. Active Learning. Student-Centered Learning. Project-Based Learning.
We love it all, we embrace it all, and we believe in it all. We call it THRIVE.

We believe our purpose is not merely to fill a child’s head with facts. Rather, our purpose is decidedly more idealistic: to transform children with the deep knowledge, the real-world skills, and the authentic self-awareness they need to live lives of peace and purpose.

We believe that every lesson should challenge our students’ big brains, utilize their active hands, and capture their huge hearts.  Which is to say, we engage our students cognitively, physically, and emotionally—whether in a classroom or on top of a 14er.

We believe in the exponential power of relationships and cherish the idea of community. In our small-by-design classes and within our warm campus culture, we emphasize interpersonal collaboration, foster vertical student friendships, and embrace parent-teacher-child dynamics.

We believe the best schools light a fire within each child, not under them. We continually seek new ways to excite students not just about their studies, but also about the limitless power of knowledge, the beauty of discovery, and the wonder of the world around them.

We believe that transformative education requires vigor, not just rigor. Far from rote memorization and the antithesis of standardized tests, our high-caliber academics flourish within a dynamic learning environment that cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

We believe in the importance of emotional intelligence. Within a culture of kindness, we help students develop self-awareness and a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics. We believe that EQ + IQ = a person who learns well, loves well, leads well, laughs well, and ultimately, lives well.

School History

Founded in 1971 by Larrie and Bjorg Wanberg as Evergreen Creative Preschool, Evergreen Country Day celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021.

Utilizing various rented church spaces for nearly twenty years, in the early 1990s and after being renamed Evergreen Mountain School, the school relocated to leased space in the Bergen Park Shopping Center and remained there until Evergreen Country Day School’s current campus was purchased and constructed in 2005.

In 2003 four families, known as our Founding Families, were determined to find a permanent home for the school and to ensure its long-term viability. As a result, Evergreen Mountain School was reincorporated as Evergreen Country Day School and the modern era of our learning community began.

Over the last nineteen, Evergreen Country Day has purchased and constructed the main campus, earned accreditation through the Association of Colorado Independent schools, added a vibrant middle school, increased enrollment, and implemented signature academic programs such as: computer science, Tinker Time, Journeys, and STEAM School.