Learning Support

At Evergreen Country Day our Learning Support initiative is called Summit Learning. We believe that every student is gifted. Some struggle to be challenged appropriately in just the right way at just the right time in just the right context. Some struggle with learning differences. All learn in unique ways. All journey along a circuitous path of unlocking, understanding, and unleashing their own unique gifts to share with the world.

We structure our learning support in three tiers, dependent upon a student’s needs and interests. For more information about this program, please contact our Director of Summit Learning, Amy Dickerson, at

Summit Tier 1Summit Tier 2Summit Tier 3
Tier one: Differentiated instruction is a core part of all K-8 classroom instruction. Teachers adjust instruction as appropriate to meet learning needs. Whether it’s allowing all students to use physical counters during math or offering students choice on how they would like to present their knowledge, differentiation is built into every lesson, every day.
Tier two: Students with a diagnosed learning disability are supported through a Student Learning Plan (SLP) with specific accommodations for their learning needs. For example, some students may need preferential seating in the classroom, some may require extended time on assignments, while others receive notes before a lesson.
Tier three: Middle School students who benefit from additional support beyond the classroom receive direct learning support four times per week in lieu of Spanish instruction. This often includes extensive support for executive functioning skills. Elementary students receive pull-out support for targeted small group lessons four times each week.