Middle School

In Middle School, we believe three core competencies are necessary for students to be well-prepared to thrive in high school.

First, we strive to help our scholars live examined existences and grapple with understanding their own strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to ensure that all of our graduates boast a robust bag of tricks when it comes to working through their areas of weakness, and maximizing their areas of strength.

Second, our graduates are prodigious communicators. Each student is challenged to develop vigorous communication skills throughout their day-to-day studies. This includes effectively communicating with peers, adults, and younger classmates. Most importantly, students develop a high level of comfort initiating conversations with teachers and advocating for themselves when stumbling blocks are encountered.
The third core competency we strive to instill in our students is ownership of work. Students come to a self-realization that their work belongs to them and is a compelling reflection of who they are.

Additionally, we believe middle school needs to be fun to engage the young adolescent mind. We play often, laugh frequently, and embrace wholeheartedly our commitment to care for our younger classmates in our elementary school and Nest. For example, it is common to see middle school students playing with elementary students at recess. Authentic interactions with our younger Eagles provides our middle school students with opportunities to lead by example by serving as role models.

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