Early Childhood

The Nest (what we call our Early Childhood Program) is committed to cultivating character and to inspiring the imagination of each child through limitless learning in a safe and loving environment. We champion the importance of learning through play and embrace an artful balance of both child-driven and teacher-guided activities. Children are gently challenged to explore, to discover, to create, to care, and to reflect on the world around them.

The first chapter of our early childhood-middle school educational journey at Evergreen Country Day, the Nest, is a school, not a day care. Our early childhood program boasts spacious classrooms all with access to the outdoors and plenty of natural sunlight. We have dedicated spaces where students create and innovate each day, including a Tinker Lab, complete with a life-sized geoboard, engineering/structure stations, an outdoor Tinker Garden, and multiple sensory integration centers. Our dynamic, developmentally-appropriate curriculum includes Spanish, Early STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), and the fine arts, and is delivered daily in child-friendly ways designed to plant and nourish crucial academic seeds that help our students grow into the next generation of artists, authors, engineers, scientists, explorers, educators, leaders, and global go-givers. Or, better yet, in the words of our students, the next generation of fire truck drivers, professional butterflies, superheroes, or any dream they may want to pursue!

Check out some snapshots below and then come see for yourself what we call the most joyful place on the planet, our Nest, a place where our youngest Evergreen Country Day students explore, grow, and develop a love of learning.