• Colorado (and beyond!) as our Campus
  • Emotional Intelligence Emphasis
  • A Journey from “near to far” and from “me to we”
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade Family Campus Camp Out
  • International Explorations and Service
  • Hut Trips
  • 8th Grade 14er Summits


Outdoor Education

We believe that the great outdoors provides a perfect context for our students to learn both how to survive and to thrive along life’s path. Journeys, our Toddler-8th grade outdoor education program, strives to utilize Colorado (and beyond!) as our campus and to graduate students with a deep appreciation for the outdoors, a deep understanding of themselves, and a deep conviction to utilize their gifts on behalf of others.

Outdoor education with an emotional intelligence emphasis, Journeys marries expeditionary learning and social emotional learning in inspiring ways. Designed as a journey in and of itself, Journeys expeditions move our students incrementally from near to far and from me to we.

Early childhood students have a strong “me” orientation. You may hear a young child proclaim, “That is my crayon!” Via Journeys, we aspire to move our Eagles from a “me” orientation to a “we” orientation. While our toddlers may be consumed with their crayon, our intent is that our graduates are consumed with how they will utilize their gifts to add value to the world. To accomplish such a goal, our Journeys program incorporates intentional reflection into each expedition, thereby inviting our students to identify their own unique interests, gain insights into their individual gifts, ponder their own passions, and face their own fears. Aided by our dynamic homeroom programs, Journeys helps Evergreen Country Day graduate the next generation of go-givers ready to thrive as individuals in service to others.