• K-8 Physical Education Program
  • Children Moving Program
  • Middle School Sports Education Model
  • Good Sportsmanship Emphasis
  • 8th Grade Teacher Project
  • 300+ Days of Sunshine


Physical Education

The goal of our physical education program is to promote an active, healthy lifestyle over a lifetime. Physical education is focused on being active, learning new skills, and having fun. Throughout our physical education program, students also learn the importance of good sportsmanship and what it means to be a good teammate. By participating in team-building activities and games, students are challenged, both physically and cognitively, to work together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Perhaps best of all, our physical education classes are hosted outside on our field and basketball court, thereby enjoying Colorado’s annual 300+ days of sunshine!

Our elementary physical education program finds students in kindergarten and first grade enjoying activities that get them moving like creative tag games, performing Crazy 8’s, or enjoying a flamingo contest. Upper elementary students combine more complicated athletic skills into team sports and modified games. Some student favorites include: Roadrunner Tag, Ultimate Ball, Bowling Pin Soccer, and Capture the Flag.

Middle school physical education employs a sport educational model of physical education. Ownership is placed on the students so they can experience multiple roles on a team: coach, player, fitness trainer, statistician, and even equipment manager. Students participate as teams during a mini-season and then compete for a championship to conclude each sport-specific unit. Sports covered include: flag football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and more!

Our physical education efforts culminate with our eighth grade students participating in a teaching project where each student chooses their own athletic passion and then designs and delivers a lesson on that topic to their classmates. Student-led lessons have included swimming, rock climbing, golf, dance, and ultimate frisbee!