• Toddler Through Middle School
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Moving Stories
  • STEAM School
  • Musicals
  • Movie Making
  • Podcast Production
  • Talent Show


The Arts

Our elementary visual arts program finds students sculpting clay, rolling ink, blending paint, drawing from observation, and experiencing thoughtful play, exploration, and discovery. We’re all about hands-on problem solving and learning to take artistic risks. Walk down our halls, and you’ll see how our young artists get their inspiration—art history, design, literature, and cross-curricular ties to connect to students’ academic and personal worlds. We use Habits of Mind to teach a creative, growth mindset and root our learning in the Elements & Principles of Design to hone strong visual vocabularies. With this combination, we cultivate artists who find immense joy in purely creating.

Our elementary music program gets students moving, singing, dancing, and enjoying the celebration that is music. Students build strong foundations in music theory, using the Orff methodology, through singing, rhythmic activities, and instruments. Teamwork and collaboration are emphasized and praised through music games and music generation. Students show off their vocal, instrumental, and performance skills in multiple school-wide celebrations that bring our community together every year. At the heart of every music lesson is an emphasis on the pure joy of experiencing music communally.

Middle school fine arts is delivered via a robust electives program. Some electives include: Printmaking, Stage Design, Sculpture, Art & Business, Color Inquiry, Art Installation, Guitar, Must-see Musicals, Treble Makers, Rock and Roll History, and Makes me “Appy.”

Our new Moving Stories program expands our theater efforts to include movie making, podcast production, and other methods of compelling storytelling. Inspired by our hosting of the Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour film festival, we endeavor to produce the next generation of storytellers. Starting in kindergarten, our students engage in a variety of storytelling methodologies, all with the belief that societies are shaped by stories, and our students will be equipped to share the ones that will elevate us all.